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Major "Bad Boy" Banduur was an unusual fellow.  He was a test pilot of the latest military aircraft; he was a priest; when he gazed up into the night sky, he dreamed of all the wonders that could be; he had claws and talons and feathers and scales and a long, prehensile tail; he was an intelligent dinosaur who flourished sixty-five million years ago....

Banduur wanted to explore the stars but he hatched from his egg before interstellar travel developed, so when the opportunity arose for him to pilot a spaceship to the Acid World—the planet that millions of years later humans would call Venus—he volunteered.  No dragon, as the dinosaurs called themselves, had ever been there.  In our time no human has ever been there: it is too hot, hotter than an oven.  The air pressure is too high, as crushing as the bottom of the sea.  It is too dangerous, the ever-present clouds hide the surface and those clouds produce a rain of concentrated sulfuric acid, thus the name Acid World.  Ordinary dragons sought easier lives but Banduur saw the light of Venus in the evening sky and could not look away.

Naysayers abounded and experts were certain: no one could go there; no one could live there; no one could return from there.  But Banduur had said he would try and in that long-ago age a dragon of faith kept his word.

Acid World of the Dragon is part of a series about an ancient dinosaurian civilization.  Each book stands alone and can be read by itself, or together with the others.  If you enjoy stories such as Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, you should check out Acid World of the Dragon.  Cross the solar system—go back in time—buy this adventure-packed tale today!

Romans et littérature
4 juin
Joseph Whelan

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