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If you've heard about Agile and are curious about how it can help your business, then keep reading…

Does the concept of Agile Methodology entice you to follow it, but you're in doubt because you don't fully understand it?

Does the word sound intimidating to you, and wish it could be explained more straightforward than it sounds?

Don't worry. This book got you covered and will help you fully understand the big question: what is Agile?

Agile is a project management methodology that guides projects from planning down to successfully achieving their end goal. Unlike other tools, which are linear and sequential, Agile allows flexibility, adjusting to the customers' changing requirements and still delivering a project on time.

More companies find this methodology essential in their business since it helps transform an ordinary product into an extraordinary one. Based on a 2015 report, companies using Agile saw an increasing success rate in their projects over time.

While this is mostly used in software development, Agile can be applied to any industry and business.

For example, a study shows that 27.4% of manufacturing companies utilize Agile while 56.6% of them combine it with other project management methods. Another survey also revealed that Agile is applied to other departments in a company, such as research and development, customer services and support, marketing and communications, and other administrative work.

Like them, you can find yourself leading an empowered team and delivering results fast by learning Agile's fundamental tools and frameworks.

Here's a glimpse of what this book will teach you about Agile:
- Understanding the role of project management in your business and how it has evolved through the years.
- Learn about the Agile Manifesto, the concepts surrounding this project management methodology, and how this is different from other methods.
- Discover Agile's core values and know the dos and don'ts when using this methodology.
- Study its principles and how to align product development with the needs of the business.
- Learn how to use different tools and frameworks to help your team adapt to Agile even without prior knowledge of the methodology.
- Get to know what comprises an Agile Team, their roles, and how each member can help increase productivity.
- Compare and contrast Agile versus Scrum, Kanban Method, and Lean Thinking.
- Know Scrum's team structure and their roles, ceremonies, and artifacts.
- Uncover how Kanban Method its origins, values, and philosophies.
- How Kanban makes work processes more transparent and clear, and how it helps quickly identify bottlenecks of the entire development.
- Discover how to reduce or eliminate wastes from your business processes through Lean Thinking.
- Get inspiration from different case studies of companies who used Lean Thinking to evolve in the industry.
- Determine what is considered as 'waste' in Lean Thinking.

These are just a fraction of what you'll learn from this book. Just imagine how much it would mean to you and your business if you finally grasp the full concept of Agile.

Once you take a full grasp of Agile's values and principles, you'll find yourself managing your team members throughout the process and navigating your company to the kind of growth and change you aim for.

Get rid of the old methods and start innovating in your workplace with Agile Methodology. Scroll up and add this book to your cart now!

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9 mars
Robert McCarthy

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