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This stirring history of the age of Alexander examines the dramatic life and times of one of the world’s most remarkable men. Alexander is a near-legendary figure around whom stories have clustered since his death over two millennia ago. He dominates his era in ancient history as the general and king whose insatiable desire for conquest, wanderlust and military brilliance led him to conquer half the known world. Alexander founded 18 great cities in a mere 12 years. His astonishing military progress and sometimes puzzling political decisions are traced, from his ascent to the throne over his father’s corpse to the climax of his conquests in India, believed at the time to be the end of the world. The text also explores what happened to Alexander’s vast empire after his sudden death, and his link with such famous people as the Ptolemy kings, Hannibal and Cleopatra, last and most glamorous queen of an independent Egypt. A section is also dedicated to the military technology of the armies of Alexander and other Greek states: their arms and armour, their elephants, war galleys, siege towers and catapults. Lavishly illustrated with over 250 images from ancient pottery, mosaics and frescoes to maps and battleplans, this expert and insightful guide will increase our knowledge of one of the most dramatic and significant periods in world history.
Nigel Rodgers, who has a degree in history and history of art from Cambridge University, has written widely on history, philosophy and art. Among his recent published works are Rome: The Greatest Empire, The Roman Army and Roman Architecture (all published by Southwater).

16 janvier
Anness Publishing Limited

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