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This book, "All About Janet, the Story of my Missing Babysitter" is the nonfiction story of the rape and murder of my 12 year old babysitter. I was five years old when this terrible tragedy took place. This tragic crime occurred at my aunt and uncles former ranch in Calaveras County California. After she was murdered, she was buried in a clandestine grave on the ranch property, and has been forgotten ever since, except by me. I have spent more than twenty years trying to find her and have devoted a great amount of emotion, time and expense in pursuing information in regards to who she was, why she remains such a mystery, and why justice has never been served.

I have written and present this book in a quasi report format, which means that this report format not only includes information based on fact but is also interjected with speculation and my own personal opinions. These speculations and opinions will be found where the facts are either not readily available to me, no longer exist, or the persons, agency or entity that could provide or reveal these facts refuses to do so. I suspect that the reasons for this refusal may include fear, liability concerns, a desire to protect the guilty, and shame.

The reasons that I have written this book are many, but the most important reason is that by writing and publishing this book, it will hopefully result in the finding of the clandestine grave of my babysitter (Janet K. Cash).

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