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What if Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet had missed on that fateful day in Dallas? What if John F. Kennedy had lived to run again in 1964? Find out the answers in All the Way with JFK, which details a history far different than the one we know. Learn what happens when an investigation into the assassination attempt uncovers a direct link between Oswald and Castro’s Cuba. A revelation that sets off an international crisis which brings the super powers to the brink of World War III yet again as American forces prepare to invade Cuba while Moscow plots a countermove Meanwhile racial tensions rise as Black Americans demand their equal rights under the Constitution and an end to segregation as those determined to forever deny them vow to fight a second Civil War. And all the while, Texas oilmen conspire to bring down John F. Kennedy before he can win a second term by exposing his most hidden secrets, including an affair with an East German spy. All the Way with JFK is alternate history at its best and a thriller filled with twists and turns, including the shocking finale where it is revealed just who was really pulling Oswald’s strings.

For those who love alternate history stories, All the Way with JFK is a must read as it lays out a counter factual 1960’s, where John F. Kennedy returned from that trip to Texas in November of 1963 alive. Told through the eyes of individuals swept up in events where the history of Vietnam, Cuba, the struggle for Civil Rights, and the Cold War itself is far different than the one we know. Go into the Oval Office and the basement of the White House, the halls of Capital Hill and DC’s finest restaurants, Dallas strip clubs and luxury hotel suites, the backrooms of the Kremlin and a Cuban sugar plantation, the Governor’s mansion in Alabama and a barbeque joint in Louisiana, where men and women of both good and very bad will make history. And all with a cast of characters straight out of the six o’clock news: Bobby Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King, George Wallace, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Hoffa, Chou En Lai, Nikita Khrushchev, Curtis LeMay, Robert McNamara, Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, Jackie Kennedy, Leonid Brehznev, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Russell, The Beatles, James Eastland, Ronald Reagan, H.L. Hunt, and a cameo by Angie Dickinson, along with appearances by John Wayne, Stanley Kubrick and Sam Peckinpah. Towering over them all is John F. Kennedy himself, a master politician and very fallible man.

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13 mars
F.C. Schaefer

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