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When you are talking about powerful men who have the ability to command attention and respect out of everyone in any room he walks in to, you are talking about the powers of an alpha male. This man is in the top of the social hierarchy, which entitles them to more power, higher earning potential, and a wider selection of possible mates.

There are some men who resort to tactics that are used by wild animals to get what they want. These men will use their physical prowess to intimidate their opponent in order to get them to back down. If their opposition doesn’t back down, they will not hesitate to use force in order to show their dominance. Because humans have evolved from this way of acting, modern alpha males can react accordingly and still get the respect they deserve.
Now you may be asking yourself how you can become an alpha male, if you aren’t one already. Or, you may be asking yourself how you can solidify your role as an alpha male in your group. 
This book will help you understand what exactly it means to be an alpha male. We will teach you things like:

- What is an alpha male and what it takes to be one

- Top characteristics that found in the typical alpha male

- Stereotypes associated with being an alpha that should be avoided

- Signs that let you know you just are not alpha male material

- Examples of alpha males throughout history

- Lessons you can learn from modern, successful alphas

- Learn how to master the body language of an alpha

- How to act like an alpha with the ladies

- What characteristics to look for in a woman

- Rules of dating now that you achieved alpha status

- Steps to take in order to be the alpha in the work place

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