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From an "incident" in the Southwestern desert shortly after WWII, a covert technological drama is set into motion. Through decades of ultimate secrecy, countless trials and endless errors, the project (code name: Alpha Omega) finally nears fruition as it finally unravels all but the last dangerous clues enmeshed in harnessing fifth-force energy.
Einstein searched in vain for it from the publishing of his world-shaking Theory of Relativity. Legions of physicists have speculated about it to no end. In theory, at least, it would be unlimited, fuel-free energy and also have a rather interesting ancillary application: anti-gravity.
Jake Lawson had been lucky. A few years after selling a hobby software program, he was able to "retire" and pursue his real passion of photography. He was now independent in wealth and vocation and was perfectly content to enjoy his luck.
Until it ran out.
Quite by bad luck, he photographs something in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Southern Colorado. Curious, he involves his few close friends in the mystery that unwittingly peels the scab off the secret operation. The ruthless director of Alpha Omega, Marcus Quaid, must stop anyone threatening the final phase of what will change man's existence forever and Jake Lawson becomes his ultimate target.
What is gravity? Until now, there's never been a definitive answer.
Jake, his brilliant buddy, Adam, and the eccentric friend called "Doc" all now have the answer.
Now, if they can only survive to understand it...

SF et fantasy
13 avril
C.W. Kangas