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Amazing discoveries of over 35 major links between the enigmatic and beautiful 'Amarna Period' of Pharoah Akhenaten and the Biblical Exodus, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the Exodus actually happened, and who the relevant Pharoahs were, together with astounding photos and hundreds of translated ancient texts as well as mummy analyses which exactly match the Biblical account in detail and explain the likely motivations and reasons for most of the strange but vitally significant phenomena and features. Other writers have puzzled over Akhenaten’s missing army and gold as well as his monotheism, together with his father’s (Amenhotep III) loss of a firstborn heir... but these things are just the starting point for solid answers in this astounding collection of discoveries. The style of the book is progressive, for the benefit of those less familiar with the topic, whilst providing more scholarly detail as the book progresses. Review by Chris Phillips, Bestsellersworld

“Schroeder has discovered what he believes to be incontrovertible evidence that the Biblical Exodus actually occurred, and that it coincided with the reign of Amenhotep III. He shows that Amenhotep IV was the pharaoh after this who tried to make sense publicly what happened to the army... and physical wealth of Egypt after the Hebrews exited the country.

Using the historical work of several archaeologists, some as early as the 1800s up to work done as recently as 2015, Schroeder provides a written explanation of those findings and a pictorial collage of various artifacts including their present location in case the reader wishes to investigate on their own.

This book is very good for modern Hebrew, Christian and related believers. Students of history and especially those of the Egyptian Dynasties would find this information quite thorough in presentation. Also, this might be used well as a basis for a series of lessons within some schools or religious groups.”

8 août
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