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Historean Zinn (1920-2010) sets forth the unending struggles between American corporations and workers and claims that government is in the hands of ruling elites not government of and for the people.[1] Zinn was most interested in social movements and how they affect social change. He spent his life finding out and explaining how American presidents have failed the people in the past, and how the people have organized movements to overcome those failings. Certainly, America was built by capitalists and workers but the bottom line is that, while workers through social movements have secured social security and civil rights, capitalists have wound up with enormous wealth and global dominance. It is social movements that grab the attention of politicians and affect policy, and social change has always come with struggle. Zinn says presidents should be pushed. In the present work, I claim government and workers operate, along with corporations, as parts of a living biological cell. Social movements are people's responses to conditions set by government of and for elites. Using the same historical facts Zinn talks about I claim that government can never be in the hands of and for the people. I differ with Zinn in his hope that his guards will someday join with prisoners to eliminate injustice. I say that elites will never join with people except in their biological roles as rulers (good or bad) and ruled. Injustice, to some degree or another, is the hallmark of every society. My citations to Zinn's facts are too numerous to include. To the reader, I say look up Zinn's book and elsewhere for historical details

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17 juillet
James Constant

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