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Being afraid to fail often stops many of us from starting up a business. But is that fear reasonable? How likely is it for a new business to fail?

Even if failure does happen, isn’t there a way to rebound? Of course! The Unfair Edge was a colossal failure at first. This book documents all of my failures and struggles during my initial launch of this business and all the things I did to correct them for a successful re-launch. I conducted somewhat of an autopsy of the failed enterprise and came to some interesting conclusions.

Before you go back to the drawing board, give this a read.

This book explores the following things:

-Do 9 out of 10 businesses really fail?
-What separates those that fail from those that succeed?
-How likely is it for a failed business to restart and become successful?
-How I restarted from my failed first attempts

There are so many metrics used to determine if a business is holding together or if it’s falling apart. But the real standard of measurement should be this: are you making the internet a better place?

Are you putting content on the web that helps people? Are you making videos that benefit people? Are your books clearly defined by their titles and does the consumer have an obvious idea what they’ll get from it? The purpose of each business is to make money, no doubt. But how do they even do that? By making life easier for others.

If your website makes the internet a better place, visitors will remember you as someone genuinely trying to do good. That’s who they want to do business with. That’s who they want to buy from.

Entreprise et management
25 septembre
Jonah Jones

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