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Murder in the Stockholm archipelago  

When his quiet vacation turns into a murder tragedy, and when the police investigation turns into a failure, Timmy and his friends must solve the puzzle on their own. It's just that... the puzzle fights back.

We're on a small island in the Baltic Sea. Timmy Smit comes here to find his much needed peace and quiet. He also finds new friends. He meets Karin. Things seem fine. Perfect even. Timmy feels at home. But something is wrong. Something is very wrong. 

When one of his friends is found murdered, peace quickly evaporates. A police investigation is initiated as expected, but as time passes, Timmy and his friends find themselves forced to take matters into their own hands. After all, it's just a matter of finding the person who did it. 

Or... is it? What if there's more to it? What if the truth will change the way they look at the open society? And what if the powers that be don't care for the truth to come out?

Inspired by true events, ARCHIPELAGO is the first book about Timmy Smit and his life in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. If you like Kurt Wallander and Martin Beck, if you're a fan of Stieg Larsson, if you've raced through Viveca Sten's Sandhamn Murders, you may enjoy this story by Leo Stenberg. Pick it up and dive in, there's something waiting for you. 

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'Loved this book'

Pick up ARCHIPELAGO today and enjoy a Scandinavian mystery from the days of the Cold War.

Policier et suspense
16 avril
Leo Stenberg

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