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Petty Officer Oliver “Artful Dodger” Graham heads with the team to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic to apprehend the financier of their failed terrorist target Muhammad Angar Said. But on a routine recon of the city, he discovers a hooker that looks suspiciously like Mad Max’s baby sister, Anna Keegan. Once he follows her all hell breaks loose. Dodger has been trying with all his might to stay away from the tantalizing beauty. In the past he’d turned his life upside down for a woman and that left him alone and jobless, in the US once she cheated on him with another guy. Years later, the scars of that failed romance haunt him still. Now he’s more intent on getting to the bottom of this interesting intrigue while still trying to maintain the status quo. The trouble is Anna is always maddeningly unpredictable.

Anna Keegan finds herself in some hot water in a foreign city without backup. After discovering an ominous plot that would have devastating consequences for the US, Anna must pull out all the stops to neutralize the threat. But on the way to diffusing the situation, she runs into overprotective Dodger and he insists on staying with her and helping her to clear her name. As they work to discover all the clues to eliminating the danger, they stumble onto an even bigger and more dire plan that will take them to major cities and across continents in a desperate attempt to save lives. Anna and Dodger fight their attraction in the midst of all the peril, but can they allow themselves to be overtaken by passion when so much is at stake?

7 novembre
Blue Moon Creative

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