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When a new breed of social media goes viral, schoolteacher Henry Hubert warns his students to steer clear of the website. Backspaced is unlike anything the world has ever known. The site allows users to rate their peers, anonymously, using review commentary and a star rating system. Rate whomever you like, or dislike, as often as you like, the choice is up to you. Meanwhile, in a bizarre twist of fate, two long-feuding families find themselves sharing a Saint Paul hospital waiting room. With no place to run, they are forced to put their differences aside. Suddenly, without warning, the city is placed under quarantine. The group in the waiting room soon learns the shocking truth: a deadly plague is sweeping across the planet. The Sixth Great Extinction has begun.

There is a vaccine, but only enough to save a fraction of the population. Across the globe, governments harness technology to decide who lives or dies. Social media plays a big part in this decision. Mysteriously, the world seems all-too prepared to deal with this unprecedented crisis, but those who publicly question authority are soon deleted, backspaced; but by coincidence or design? How would the planet respond to such a devastating pandemic? Imagine learning that you have been chosen to receive the vaccine, but your spouse has not. Would you choose to go on? As current as tomorrow’s headlines, Backspaced is a dark look into an uncertain future.

SF et fantasy
22 septembre
Nicholas Antinozzi

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