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Bad Boys Box Set – Part 1-3

3 Romance Novels

This collection includes:

- Love Campaign

- Best Man’s Bet

- It’s in the Stars

Part 1: Love Campaign

When Brisk Insurance needs a new marketing campaign and they shortlist both Wonderworks and Imagine Solutions to tender for the job, Allie has the chance to prove herself. She has to go up against Daniel Bowen, a Shark in the marketing world, but she knows enough about him not to be afraid of a little healthy competition.

Until she meets him and he’s not what she expected him to be. Instead of staying away from him and focusing on her work, Allie spends more and more time with him. It looks like Daniel is the one man that changes her ideas about juggling relationships and careers.

It’s just a pity that Daniel has ulterior motives. What catches her off guard, though, is the fact that the womanizer of the century seems to have developed emotions. Through the difficulty of being on opposing teams and both making personal mistakes, they both learn about choices. But all is fair in love and war, right? Or will there be space in their perfect worlds for each other?

Part 2: Best Man’s Bet

Gina is the maid of honor and she is determined to make her best friend’s wedding run as smooth as possible. Everything runs according to plan and she’s confident she’ll be able to pull it off.

She meets Alex, the groom’s best man and the local womanizer. He has a reputation of sleeping with every bridesmaid at every wedding. Gina knows he won’t get into her panties and she’s not worried.

When Gina and Alex are forced to be together and their car breaks down, she gets to know a different side of him. She starts to think that he might not be so bad, that she would want to be with a man like him.

Until she finds out that he bet his friends that he can sleep with her. She is furious and things get out of hand. Gina loses her best friend and her faith in men.

Will a romantic gesture change Gina’s mind, or will she hate the one man that had made her sit up and take notice, forever?

Part 3: It’s In The Stars

Anna is an independent woman who can’t find a partner in any of the men she meets. Leo is self-destructive and desperate to run away from his path. When the two meet, sparks fly but neither of them know what to do with it.

In the meantime, life goes on and they choose their paths. When they spend more time together they start to wonder if they shouldn’t be together after all.

Until Leo’s past interferes and Anna decides to take a job offer that will take her away from him.

Will the two of them realize they were meant to be? Or will they choose lives without each other?

3 avril
DAO Press

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