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In the fourth emotional installment, our heroes encounter the delightful cameo appearances of The Rostical Users! After discovering the creature's new transformation, the guild is thrown into a fight of their lives! Fortunately, with the power of light, our heroes survive at a significant cost.. With the world continuing its decay, Arcadia forces Ginger Susanoo, the master of four elements and her trusty shurikens to join the guild in their adventures.

Luna, unable to handle anymore grief, decides it is time to act on her thoughts and causes her to selfishly leave the guild for one last scene. Destiny, left in turmoil, seeks aid of her lover to stop her in her tracks!

Clues start to fall into place as we find out what is happening with this yellow eyed disease, the corrupted Neurons and the planet's Aurorions. But with everything set in motion, it may be too late for the guild to act on it.

Furious, The Black Brigade sends their final member to encounter the guild to kill them! She's mastered the Astragons in her ability and this allows her to 'slip' through solid objects, regardless of their element or physical form. How will our heroes bring down a captain that walks on the edge of The Astral Plains?

Just as things were looking good for the guild, the Consultant releases the number one ranking warrior, a master of the fire elemental affinity, to stop the guild once and for all! What will happen when two masters of different elements collide?

Rachael, Nathan, Karol, Luna, Ginger, Champion, Lezard and Blake, slowly start to find out that their little adventure is much greater than they originally expected. Find out how their actions determine the planet's survival!

SF et fantasy
30 novembre
Michael Rogers

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