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…There are no kings and queens; no quests to be undertaken and no princesses hand to win in marriage. The only quest is simply to stay alive only until you are dead…and hopefully no longer. In perhaps another time, the Spiritlands would have been a thriving place to live with its massive sward and room for many,but it was not to be. As an aftermath ofthe Spirit War,the dead exist with the living, the Gods still tamper with the land, and there is now too much power loose in the lands versus a paucity. Only in places with sufficient numbers can the hordes be held at bay, but such vigilance comes at a very high cost... Djoggi was said to be a boisterous and humorous God who created the Racekind largely for his amusement... Ymarrh was a Goddess as capricious as she was joyful, apologetic at times but always causing discord... D'aeleth was a cold and dour God who was satisfied with his cold and foreboding demesne...but there was Ymarrh... Even with a staff to control what power there is to be gained, a spell can as easily go awry as work.The harsh reality of the land results in even harsher compromise as those alive seek to not only hold on to their lives, but seek some purpose to their existence. The dead despise the living as the cities of legend are no more than haunted ruins and what better times there had been are all of legend. Torvii has never known anything in his life but hard work and toil as a charl in the NorthHold, but as he grows in years, he learns that nothing, not even his situation, stands immutable. The more that he learns, the faster he becomes dissatisfied with his lot in life. There is danger in the Spiritlands, but also the opportunity to make his own choices. Freedom may have its own perils, but how could they be worse than what he he already suffers? It takes a mage along with foul mistreatment to open his eyes as to what he could be... As destructive as the Spirit War was, it was by no means the end of an undecided matter; it will only be a matter of time until forces once more clash again to decide who...or what will gain the lands for their own use. The gods still meddle in matters despite the misery of racekind, always seeking a balance or a way to upset it, but racekind only seeks an end to their suffering in life as well as in death. The balance may be upset once again as forgotten power of past workings of the Gods becomes known to Racekind and D'aeleth Spawn alike, but greedy Dwargen, suicidal Aelfen and doom laden humans may be no match for what is coming...Does a mortal dare challenge the Gods...only time will tell...

SF et fantasy
26 mai
Timothy Linnomme

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