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"Stay with your own Kind; you aren't welcome here!"
Hiram (Evil) Schwerin has heard that saying uttered many times but this was the first time it was directed at him. He was a trader and as far as he was concerned, he was with his own kind in Reno; it was an unfortunate accident crossing The Shells that had given him solid colored red eyes like the gendog traveling with him. If it has eyes like a Revenant then it must be a Revenant; humans couldn't be expected to behave differently in these times...

There once was a place called San Francisco but now it is called Novo Francisco and it is under control of a person completely out of his mind but with an abnormal force of will. Girard Wilson traded a death sentence in prison for a very classified experiment... over three hundred years ago. He escaped confinement just ahead of a termination order and when he began subverting and suborning humans to go with the gendogs he controlled, he referred to them the same way he did so with himself...they were The Revenant and nothing would be held above them. They were the chosen of racekind and they would eventually take over the world...

Following a failed attempt to take back what Girard stole, a truce has been in force for over one hundred years; in exchange for no armed humans in an agreed upon DMZ, the gendog hordes would stay on the Revenant side of it and the humans on their side. Despite the harsh terms, there are too many good places to live in the DMZ and the Sacrato Vigilance Committee (SVC) only keeps the law up to the DMZ border on their side. The DMZ might be gendog free but a vicious horde of motorcycle riders called The Legion run Girard's meth lab, are paid by him to harass the humans in the DMZ and gain extra jack from the rapine and plunder they commit. The more humans that brave the DMZ, the more fun The Legion can ultimately have....but human boinkers never fail to cross the line. If the DMZ was considered lawless before, it isn't now...except the judgment by AA-12 is final...

A vicious and now unpredictable joker is in the deck of cards and as he glowers at the remains of his wagon, the voices in his head only give rise to more anger. Hiram had already told Girard where he stood so why was he hearing Girard even here? He still had that crazy looking board he was given by the funny man earlier but was he expected to use it?

Evil has salvaged a lot from his wagon and his pack animal has survived its injuries (through a secondary mutation) so it is now time to find some truth amidst the lies. If weredebt isn't paid for his wagon, only Evil will be laughing when the dead are counted...

SF et fantasy
20 février
Timothy Linnomme

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