Basic Essential French Phrases: A Helpful Supporter For Your Daily Life And Traveling Time

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Have you ever got jealous of chameleons whose colorful reptiles can blend in anywhere? They just shift their colors, and, poof! They look exactly like the tree they’re climbing or the rock they’re sitting on.

So wouldn’t it be great to be a language chameleon? Life would be so much easier if we could just shift our accents, vocabulary, and grammar to sound exactly like native French.

Most textbooks are made to teach you the traditional rules and structures of a language and are great for getting around the grammar and spelling questions you may have. However, not many of them provide you the tools necessary to have a common conversation with a best friend or someone you’ve just met.

Language learners often complain about this – a lack of material that can help you familiarize yourself with the most common phrases used in everyday conversation and native surroundings.

For this reason, this book has been developed for you to find the best expressions for common usage in France and communicate with your French friends, colleagues, and client without any issue!

Inside this book, you'll discover:

An introduction with a detailed guide on how to pronounce vowels and consonants (as well as their combinations) in the French tongue.

A list of over 1500 common phrases in French, with an accurate translation in English for your understanding.

A phonetics pronunciation guide of each word in the phrases is included after every translation.

Finally, a conclusion to make sure you’ve learned and supplies you with a final list of tips.

Your days struggling with natural communication with natives is finally over. Our List Of French Phrases is here!

It’s time for you to take your French to the next level with this amazing book!

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10 mars
Osvaldo Leimbach