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This is a book that covers all the strategy you need to know for playing Age of Empires 2, including detailed build orders, in-depth strategy, how to correctly micro and macro, among many others. So that when you play you know what you're doing, resulting in you winning more games and having more fun. There are 5 main chapters:

# Military – here we go over a wide range of topics that should cover most of the bases related to microing your units, why, when and how to correctly attack and defend, correct building placement, military upgrades and tactics which you can directly apply to win more battles;

# Economy– This is the topic about learning to manage your villagers, booming, economic upgrades and how to better manage your economy to get more resources faster to build a bigger army sooner;

# Build Orders – this is the fastest way to improve if you're starting out. Here we lay out several very detailed build orders, used by top players but still easy to follow for newer players;

# General tips and tricks – several tricks and tips related to the game itself such as understanding the sound and minimap alerts, using hotkeys and the best ways to practice to improve faster;

#Appendixes – useful tables such as Civilization strength, Unit counters, among others which let allow you, for example, to quickly create strong imperial unit combinations for games depending on the civilization you picked.
If you buy it you won't regret it.

Here's what some top AoE2 players had to say after reading Basics of Age of Empires 2:

Basic of Age of Empires II is an excellent book if you aim to develop your game play. It contains explanations starting with the very basics and goes until the most complex ones about the game, with a very clear and simple reading. Also have a very interesting mathematical side, that makes you have a different vision of various aspects about your economy and military.
- dogao, Top Age of Empires 2:The Conquerors Player

"This is the kind of book so well writen, with so many details that even the most experienced players will benefit from it
I was so amazed by all the information written on it that I had to check myself if most of them were true information. It is!
It describes everything you need to know about macro, micro, strategies and other really useful tips you can use to improve your gameplay (pay extra attention to the tips if you are a new player, most of the things I`ve used to teach to students when I`ve used to give paid classes are in it with much more details. Also, the micro and the macro information are definitely something that every player NEED to know if they want to be decent at AoE2).

While most people think AoE2 is just mechanical skills and practice, this book shows how much game knowledge is hidden behind the curtains.

I think I have never seen an AoE2 book before, but I will most certainly not see another with so many details like this one. I highly recommend the read. Rate: 5 out of 5"

- Feage, Top Age of Empires 2:The Conquerors Player

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