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Little Tommy Edwards always came home by dark until one day as the sun was going down while playing with a couple of friends at the cemetery that knew if they didn’t get home before sundown their parents would ground them. Tommy’s curiosity got the best of him and he stayed behind even though he knew in the back of his mind he would be grounded too. His two friends told him to be careful because there could be a ghost lurking behind one of the tombstones. Tommy said “Ha! Ha! Very funny, go on I won’t be long.” “Ok, don’t say we didn’t warn you,” laughed the two boys as they pressed on towards the cemetery gate leaving their friend Tommy not knowing if that would be the last time they would see their good friend.

Tommy’s friends couldn’t have been more right about something may be lurking inside the cemetery but it wouldn’t be any ghost he would encounter instead Tommy would be getting a close encounter of the fourth kind.

About thirty minutes after the sundown Tommy’s parents were starting to get a little worried about why Tommy hadn’t made it home by dark. His parents called one of the friends Tommy left their house with to go play with. He said, “I and another friend were all playing in the cemetery and when the sun went down we told him we had to go and he said he would be right behind us in a few minutes and that’s the last we saw him.”

SF et fantasy
22 novembre
Drac Von Stoller

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