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Be the Dreamer Not the Dream by Penney Peirce is an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guidebook for working with all aspects of your dream life. Written for the prolific dreamer as well as someone who’s just peeking over the edge into the unknown, Peirce says that in her book, “you’ll learn to harness your dreams to increase creativity, solve problems, find purpose in life, and obtain useful, accurate personal guidance. By becoming familiar with the principles of dreaming, you will discover that the options in your life are truly limitless.”

Be the Dreamer Not the Dream is a witty and fun, yet no-nonsense book for anyone who has ever wanted to explore his or her dreams. Packed with intriguing dream exercises, activities, and real-life case studies, it provides clear answers and a fresh perspective on every aspect of dreaming. The book includes a dream interpretation checklist and a dictionary of dream symbols. 

The step-by-step format helps readers access the meaning of their dreams and apply the information in everyday life. Readers will learn how to:

Keep a dream journal
Recognize different types of dreams
Use different methods to uncover hidden dream meanings
Use dreams for creative inspiration, to solve problems, gain self-awareness, improve communication and relationships, and help heal and reduce stress


Be the Dreamer Not the Dream is a real standout among dream guides. Penney Peirce provides a thorough and easy-to-follow program that will take you to the heart of your dreams. Under her expert guidance, you will not only understand the messages in your dreams, but also be able to use them as tools for self-improvement and self-empowerment.”

—Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author Dreamwork for the Soul

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16 octobre
Penney Peirce

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