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BEAR LOVE (A Shifter Romance Bundle) is a paranormal romance collection of three steamy bear shifter romances from Zoe Crest.

These alpha bear shifters are sexy, possessive, and follow along as they fight destiny to claim their fated mates, to show the women they fall in love with the meaning of passion and love, and to find their happily-ever-afters.

These three paranormal bear shifter romance novellas contain plenty of shifter steam, and all end with happy endings and no cliffhangers.
Bad Bear Sheriff
Alpha bear shifter sheriff Ash Barlow never imagined his new tenant would be the stunningly sexy Meg Chambers.
She’s the most gorgeous woman he’s ever laid eyes on, and his inner bear is clawing at his chest to claim her as his mate.
When a dangerous blizzard traps them together, Ash Barlow is not sure if he’s going to be able to keep his bear at bay…
Bear’s Second Chance
Ice bear shifter Dane Barlow always regretted letting Trudy, a spitfire fox shifter, get away.
She was always the one… and his inner bear knew that she was his fated mate.
But in an act of foolishness, he had let her walk away… even though he had fallen head over paws.
But now she’s stumbled back into his life, and he’s determined not to let her go this time.
He’s going to make the most of his second chance… he’s going to make her his mate.
And he’s going to show her the meaning of white-hot love while he’s at it…
Bear’s Heir
Bear shifter Tristan Barlow knows it’s his responsibility to keep his best friend’s widow safe.
But it doesn’t help matters that he’s becoming obsessed with the gorgeous woman.
She’s now a single mother, and he swears that he’ll do everything he can to help her, and to protect her.
But what he never expects was to find himself wanting not just to care for her, but to make her his mate.
To become a loyal husband to her…
And to become a father to her child.

26 avril
Zoe Crest

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