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Bear’s Fated Mate is a 3-book steamy paranormal romance bundle featuring sexy, possessive, and loving alpha bear shifters, and the fated mates they claim.

If you like your bear shifters to be passionate, loving, caring, and protecting, then Bear’s Fated Mate will not disappoint.

Contained in this bundle are the 3 bear shifter novels Taken by the Werebear, Mated to the Werebear, and Claimed by the Wearbear, and they all have happy endings and no cliffhangers.
Taken by the Werebear
Blake keeps his gift secret from everybody. He knows better than to trust. He's a bear shifter, one of the few, and he intends to remain one of the few left.
But when he catches the scent of the curvy, gorgeous Bree, he starts to wonder if it's worth keeping himself a secret from everybody.
He finds himself obsessed with her, with the thought of her body in his hands...
But if he reveals who he really is, how will she take it?
The urge to claim her as his mate is overpowering, though.
The urge to discover her every curve overwhelming.
Blake knows he'll make Bree his mate. He's going to claim her as his own.
Mated to the Werebear
Emily never expected when she moved up north to find herself in the sights of Sam, a ridiculously gorgeous man who she knew was keeping a secret.
She told herself not to let herself get close to him. She could sense there was something different about him, but she didn’t know what.
But Sam wasn’t letting Emily go that easily...
From the moment Emily appeared in town, bear shifter Sam was taken with her. Her delicious scent hooked him from day 1, and he knew there was something special about this woman.
She had curves in all the right places, a body he could worship, but there was more to her than that...
She had her own secrets. Nobody comes up this far north if they don’t.
Sam can’t get the curvy Emily out of his mind, and he only knows one thing for sure:
He’s going to make Emily his. He’s going to claim her as his mate.
He’s going to make her his forever.
Claimed by the Werebear
I always knew I was different… that I had an animal lurking within me.
I didn’t know what it was… but I’d heard that shifters existed.
I had no idea that I’d been scented by an Alpha because of this rare gift.
A hard-bodied, gorgeous Alpha with abs for days and a granite jaw.
I never knew that he’d set his hungry, predatory eyes on me.
That he’d make it his mission to turn me, to unlock the shifter within me.
That the only way he could do so was to claim me.
To make me his.
To fill me with white-hot bliss in a ritual shifter ceremony.
I never expected him to fall for me.
I never expected that I would fall for him…

16 septembre
Faye Campbell

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