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Her scent calls to him. He'll claim her as his mate.
But she doesn't know he's hiding a bear within him...


Isaiah Rivers is the best wildfire firefighter in the country. He's Alpha of his crew of bear shifters, and it's a secret they keep close to their chests.

So when a human woman is assigned to his crew, he doesn't know what to expect. She doesn't know their secret, and no human can match the athletic prowess of a shifter.

But when she walks into the room, he's stunned silent by her beauty. His heart rages, and his inner bear claws at his chest to burst forth and claim the most gorgeous woman he's ever laid eyes on.

She's sexy as sin and has attitude enough to handle a bunch of bears.

He knows that fate has brought her to him. He knows she's to be his mate for life. But that means revealing the crew's secret.

It means trusting a human - and possibly endangering a crew of highly-trained shifters - when wildfire threatens to destroy them all.


Bear’s Fire: Shifter Heat is a standalone paranormal shifter romance featuring Isaiah, a rugged firefighting Alpha bear shifter with a hard exterior but a heart of gold, and Charley, a sassy, highly-capable firewoman who will let nothing stand in her way of proving herself to the best wildfire fighting team in the country, even if it means keeping away from the sexy crew chief Alpha.

Bear’s Fire ends with a happy ending, no cliffhanger, and contains tons of sexy shifter steam.

8 mai
Vi Carter

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