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More than Mated… More than Human


The sexy shifter that belongs to the dark forest waits, naked, for his lover. When they meet, nearby shrubs provide camouflage for their wild coupling. Heavy breathing is like an aphrodisiac to the shifter, husky moans breaking the eerie silence around them. But someone waits and watches, with an evil plan. He wants the shifter’s lover to bear his demon seed.


More than Human… This Child of Mine


A child is making its way into the world, a child born from both good and evil, and as the mother writhes in pain, she fears the child inside her is the result of a night she strayed to the home of another man. If the stranger is the man who planted his seed inside of her, she will give birth to a demented creature who will destroy them all. That is the child’s destiny.


She pulled young Ryder from her bosom and swore she heard him giggle like a demented doll. It was the same sound that had haunted her mind since her sexual encounter deep within the woods. She felt her body go numb when the split, black tongue slithered out from between her child’s tiny lips, and his beautiful blue eyes turned an evil color of black. The screams of disgust were for the knowledge of the child’s true paternity, and the outpouring of tears and sorrow was Randi wishing she had died during the child’s birth.

“Randi, what’s the matter? Are you alright?”

“It’s our son. Look at his eyes and his mouth. This child is evil just like his...” she abruptly stopped mid sentence.


Ryder’s little legs sprinted to the far trees, his long hair flying in the wind. “Throw it, Papa! Throw the ball!” he shouted, with his hands waving high.

The ball flew over his head and deeper into the woods. “I’ll get the ball, Papa, and some berries too,” Ryder laughed.

“Be careful, son, and hurry back, do you understand?” Robin said. He didn’t hear his son reply and assumed he was too far away.

He sat down next to his wife on the ground with a sense of sadness in his heart. Randi had become more despondent as the weeks passed. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were sunken deep from the vivid nightmares that kept her awake at night. She hadn’t spoken a word to anyone since the day she tried to smother her own child.

Robin opened the wicker basket and laid out a clean blanket in front of them. The last thing he pulled from the basket was a giant, shiny red apple that the maid had put in as a snack for young Ryder.

It was the appearance of the delicious fruit that sent Randi into a demented state. She began to wail, pounding her fists against her husband’s chest. She was shaking her head, trying to scream, but no sound would escape.

Ryder found the ball hidden in a large flower bed of daisies growing around an oddly shaped willow tree. It was grey in color and bent forward from age. The little boy laughed at the thought of the tree looking like a hunched old man carrying a heavy bushel of flowers on his back.

“I suppose it does look rather funny,” the silver fox laughed.

“Who’s there?” Ryder asked, with the curiosity of a child.

“Hello, young Ryder,” he replied.

“How do you know my name?” the boy asked, and picked up his ball.

“I have come to tell you of your future and the important task which has been born unto you.”

SF et fantasy
2 juin
Beau to Beau Books

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