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I wanted solitude. I just wanted to be left the hell alone. I thought life had taken everything from me. 
I was wrong.

Reclusive horror writer Tess Vere has lost everything. There is no possible way her craptastic life can get much worse. Until she is attacked by a shadow creature on the Lake Huron shore. Rescued by a Ninja Indian chick and her tasty (in every way) side-kick, Tess learns that she still has something left to lose after all.
Her humanity.

The Wendigo Girl series of novellas combines elements of urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, light horror, and native mythical creatures. If you are offended by moderate violence, sex, love regardless of gender, or high levels of snark... this might not be the series for you.

Reader Review
"There are worse creatures in the dark forest on the shore of Lake Huron than bears. How much will Tess have to change to overcome the evil confronting her? 
Everyone will find something of themselves in Tess, the horror-writer protagonist, and her struggles. I felt that I was right alongside her as she fought her seemingly insurmountable fears and the horrors confronting her. 
Kaye Draper has a knack for bringing the story
alive, and sucks you right into it right from the beginning. I love that her books take place in Michigan, in and around places I'm familiar with. It brings the story closer to me. 
The conclusion of Beauty and the Feast will leave you hungering for more! I can't wait for the next installment."

SF et fantasy
11 avril
Kaye Draper

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