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“I write to mend those places that got snagged, ripped, or frayed while being human, with other humans,” is a quote from Erika Harris. BEFORE I FORGET, is a compilation of short stories that had its birth at the Villas of Canandaigua, New York. A group of writing enthusiasts gathered to organize and compile a book of stories that represents what seniors can produce when working in a cohesive writing environment. Many of the stories have deep meaning to the authors. Other stories are fictional and show how stories can inspire others to write. Writing can be the vehicle for healing, pleasure of days gone by, or humor with life’s happenings, that can be transformed onto paper. It has been the goal of the authors to give the readers a glimpse into the lives, experiences, dreams, and hopes of their lives and loved ones. For the folks involved in the short story project, there was a common thread that everyone wanted to write a story and be remembered for it which created a feeling of unity within the group. According to Antonio Porchia who was Italian born but later in life became an Argentinian poet, “One lives in the hopes of becoming a memory”. The stories within this book give an example that every person or thing becomes a memory and unless a life or a happening is recorded, it will be lost forever. Everyone needs to be remembered; writing and recording is a way for this to happen. Our group hopes that you as a reader will be inspired to tell your story, no matter what it may be. Even if it is a fictional story, there is merit in having your name be seen as an author. The cover of the book is in memory of Doris Kane, watercolor artist, Steve Kane’s mother.

The following is a list of the people who made this book possible:
Lisa Albrecht
John Robert Allen
Carole Arkins
Gary Baldwin
Richard Booth
Julie Cummins
Carol Eiffert
Linda Orrell-Fair
Teresa Fantone
Kathy Grey
Amy Herlehy
Barbara Kutner
Jennifer Mahoney
Jed Marsh
Leta Mueller
Renata Reber
Virginia Saur
Laura Jo Smith
Barbara Stahl
Laurie Stoutz
Jean Trost
Jewel Wink
Mike Wischnowski

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25 octobre

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