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Bento Box is a stylish, fast-paced heist-flavored story. The future is here, but it isn't turning out very Roddenberry. Overpopulation, corruption, and criminal activity are rampant. There are those who would try to stop it, but the self-appointed vigilante haunting Seattle is a bone of contention, not a unifying factor. Whispers of a new crime makes its way through the population - people's bodies are being stolen and used to pull off the most authentic identity theft yet. People are afraid to admit what they know, for fear of being branded as crazy. Carnelia knows they aren't crazy - she's one of few who can steal someone's body. She lives a life of comfort and style and has no desire to rock the boat. Unfortunately for her Carnelia is put in the path of Orochi, the vigilante targeting Parris. Parris, her boss, has had enough of Carnelia's sass and Orochi's thievery, and decides to kill two birds with one stone. What he does ends up throwing fuel on a fire, instead, as his best body-jumper and the one man who knows the truth about Parris now share a body. They may be of one body, but they are still of two minds of what to do about Parris. All Carnelia wants is her body back, which she can get if she can give Parris Orochi's secrets. Orochi, on the other hand, is a master of secrets, and he's offering to help get her body back if she'll just work with him.
Working against them is Carnelia's brother, Michael, and Inspector William Rascati. Michael is Parris's enforcer and chief of security. He also doesn't know what Carnelia does for Parris. His drug addiction and his disbelief turn him from ally to untrustworthy in Carnelia's eyes, a problem she's never had before. Rascati, on the other hand, is the detective on SPD who believes the identity thefts are real, and a real problem. He has been working the cases on his own time while also assigned to capture the criminal known as Orochi, not knowing that the two worlds have collided.
Now it's a race to find out what Orochi knows, where Carnelia's body is, and whether Rascati can prove his pet theory before Parris's men have a little chat with him...

SF et fantasy
30 juin
Tina Shelton

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