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Introducing a world of high adventure and dark secrets, where the days are filled with wonder and the nights are consumed by lust.

The last seaside town that they stopped at turned into a violent mob that they narrowly escaped. Now, Lorelei and Captain Vine find themselves back at sea with a new accidental crew member. To repay the two for her safe escape, the spirit mage Amarante turns her talents to healing Captain Vine’s living ship — and to keeping the two company when night falls, whether on deck or in bed.

But an unashamed witch isn’t the only surprise the two encountered during their last stop. Thanks to a mysterious letter which had been inexplicably waiting for her, Captain Vine withdraws into uncharacteristic anxiety. Lorelei, determined to help her Captain cheer up, insists they make landfall once again in a secluded seaside wood to take a walk and clear their heads. She soon discovers, however, that safety and solitude can be harder to find than she thought — and that Captain Vine is not the only one hiding troubling secrets.

D.B. Francais brings you the third story in a series of erotic lesbian fantasy adventures, where worlds collide and love blossoms in many unexpected places.


This story contains graphic sexual reference, mostly in the form of hot girl-on-girl(-on-girl) action, including scenes of surprise ravishment, drunken makeouts, domination, submission, seduction, group experimentation, aides d’amour, and many related things of a soft and nubile nature.

If the thought of two or more women getting steamy in various states of undress does not appeal to you, please direct your attentions elsewhere.

You have been warned.

Romans et littérature
26 août
D.B. Francais

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