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Five new or greatly expanded stories of sexually sadistic women getting off by punishing captive men. Nothing is off limits for these ladies, including brutal CBT, castration, and even total emasculation. Beyond the Apocalypse® and these versions of Cruel and Humane Punishment, An Eternity of CBT, They Lust for His Torment Unending, and Way Beyond Busting are exclusive to this anthology and will not be published individually.

Beyond the Apocalypse® (New) - Months after a solar flare ends civilization, Shepherd’s last option for survival is to get caught by one of the roving gangs and prove to his captors he is useful enough to let him live. More than willing to play masochist to their most sadistic sexual desires, he assumes his willingness to let them treat his cock and balls to whatever torment they want will prove entertaining enough. At least that’s the plan. He only needs to figure out how to keep them attached long enough to prove how special he is.

Way Beyond Busting (Revised) - Ryder sells himself to sadistic women who pay well to hurt him any way they like. Over time, being the victim becomes less a role and more a hunger, especially if it includes ball-busting and extreme CBT. His newfound desire leads him to two merciless college girls he hopes will really cut loose. Little does he know how cruel they really are, or how their plans will take his ravaged cock and balls way beyond busting.

Cruel and Humane Punishment (Revised) - Kyle is sentenced to virtual CBT and castration, repeated until his fantasies of sexually tormenting unsuspecting women are gone. The punishment takes his masochistic desires to the extreme, making him the helpless victim and mixing a little sexual pleasure with the ultimate sexual pain. The only questions are: Will the punishment even work on him, and does his lovely "victim" really want it to?

An Eternity of CBT (Revised) - In the middle of a brutal divorce, Adam longs for a last shot at letting his wife punish his cock and balls one last time. When she invites him over, he has no clue she plans vengeance that will take him to extremes no one could have imagined. An evening of brutal sex and insane cock and ball punishment might be his for the taking, but nothing comes without a price.

They Lust for His Torture Unending (Revised) - When vampires become real, Barry’s sex fantasies change from being tortured by human women hoping to ruin his cock and balls to letting vampire's do the unspeakable. He knows they’ll only get him off to flavor his blood and satisfy their inhuman lusts. What matters is they’ll ravage him in ways he’s only dreamed of and then make him one of them. He hopes for an eternity of serving his genitals up to the most sadistic women he can find, but things seldom work exactly as planned.

(This work contains graphic language and extreme depictions of female dominant male bondage and sexual sadomasochism including genital torture, castration, and emasculation. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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8 mai
Darker Pleasures

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