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No good deed goes unpunished, so beware when a desperate stranger comes to the door after sundown pleading for help and sanctuary. Good Samaritan Kyle takes in Jim and saves his life by slaying his attacker, only to discover that his new friend is a bloodthirsty creature of the night, one that is now in his debt and feels honor bound to repay the favor. For Kyle, life takes an unimaginable turn when he discovers that his act of kindness has earned him the wrath of a clan of vampires-more than a hundred strong. No matter, Jim has his back despite the long odds. Jennifer didn’t know how lonely she was until she met the new guy next door; what she didn’t know was that the object of her affection was a member of the Undead. Now Jennifer is caught in the middle of a supernatural vendetta, as the streets of the little town of Harlow are running red with human blood. Things don’t look good for Kyle, Jennifer and Jim, for creatures that Hell itself would bar the gates against are coming for them, but they’ve got each other and they’re not going down without a fight. Epic horror.

Beware the Big Crimson; for he’s the one blood drinker all the others love and fear; when he is slain, a furious battle for his throne erupts. A struggle that engulfs: A young prison guard, trying very hard not to get ensnared in a corrupt system; a bored teenage girl with nothing to do for the summer; a punk kid who went to a dance in 1959 and never came home; the law abiding landlord with a murderous past; a pawn shop owner who is most certainly not what he seems; the town cop who is not up to job; the Captain who is as much a criminal as the men he guards; a convenience store clerk who has lost the love of a great girl because of the color of his skin; his love struck co-worker who doesn’t know his woman is cheating on him; a creature of the night with a taste for human flesh as well as warm blood; a ravenous monster trapped forever in the body of child; a woman forced against her will to live the vampire life; a trio of slackers who couldn’t care less. All of them, the good and the evil alike, will be swept up in an orgy of carnage and horror in a war to claim the legacy of the Big Crimson.

Romans et littérature
11 avril
F.C. Schaefer

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