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The BillyGate Affair describes a most remarkable invasion of the author's computers. The attackers didn't try to hide the fact that they work for two of the world's best-known tech companies.

I'm a journalist, so I informed them that I'm obligated to report their illegal activities. The threat of exposure caused panic, apparently. Their efforts to silence me were extensive, starting with the destruction of my hard drives and other electronic devices.

But the hackers were careless. They left an indelible record of their visit.

During the attacks, it became clear that Microsoft and Google run a hacking operation that also disseminates malicious software. The alliance has several obvious objectives. Microsoft and Google have joined to extend their control of the planet's information infrastructure and their influence over consumer behavior. In connection with that, the book provides a pointed critique of the companies' business practices.

The BillyGate Affair also examines the career of America's richest hacker and the hack job that led to his huge fortune. It includes a brief history of the personal computer software industry and recounts the accomplishments of Gary Kildall, the computer scientist whose inventions were instrumental in launching the digital age.

The narrative is unique in at least one sense. It’s an open invitation to the Microsoft/Google hackers. To quote from the chapter that discusses censorship, I challenge them to stop publication of this work: "Please pursue prior restraint. Go for a temporary restraining order or block access to my book on the Internet. Sue for libel if this narrative diverges from the facts. Perhaps I should be treated like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning. Please arrest me for espionage if this story damages America's wars on privacy, freedom and terrorism."
People have said the story is too incredible and couldn't be true, but it's not a fabrication. The account is fully backed with a digital record of the invasion, other physical evidence, witness accounts and police reports.

Essais et sciences humaines
4 janvier
BW McKinzie

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