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"Boots And Saddles" Or "Life In Dakota With General Custer" by Elizabeth B. Custer" is a warmly human, first-hand account of the hardships, disappointments, fun and flattery, joys, and heartaches of General Custer's devoted wife, who accompanied her military husband over the badlands of Dakota, during the Indian troubles of the 1870's. This last duty post of General Custer ended in his death at the  almost mythic Battle of the Little Big Horn.

In her descriptions of the joys and sorrows, the glory and the grief, the courage and the sacrifices of the daring 7th Cavalry troopers of the Plains, Mrs. Custer has served the purposes of truer-than-life history for her facts are indisputable and first-hand, even if heavily slanted in her husband's favor. Her pages are crowded with pictures of a type of life that was almost extinct, even as she was recording it. Washington Irving in his Indian stories drew on records of a dead past. Mrs. Custer drew on living records of an intense present.

An Appendix, contains touching extracts from General Custer's letters to his wife, written from the impending battlefield, including a last few lines, written just four days before tragedy overtook him.

Here from an eyewitness, are the events leading up to one of the most famous Western Indian battles in all of American history--the massacre of Custer and his men at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. A chapter in western history that has captured the imagination of generations of Americans, spawned dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, and numerous movies and TV shows, most of the latter extreme flights of fancy; some racist, while others are downright silly.

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