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Cal Brennan raised horses, some of the best horses in the area. He had been working at it for fifteen years and then he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She lassoed his heart like he had been lassoing horses. She gave him two wonderful babies, but one day that all changed.
When Cal Brennan topped the rise and saw his house in a black pile of rubble his heart dropped. No man should ever have to ride into the site he did that day. He found his wife laying in the yard badly burned and barely alive. She was alive enough to be able to describe the men responsible and give him the name of the one that appeared to be the leader…Lucas Greer.
When the grieving stopped he rode out after Greer and the other four men with him. After weeks of hunting he found out that it would take more money than he had to continue the search. He considered selling his horse ranch but a chance meeting with a bank robber changed his mind. He was given the reward for bringing the man in and there he saw a pile of wanted posters and a new way to finance his search.
His hatred was eating him to the point that he lost all interest in anything else. When he tackled a pair of tough brothers he met another bounty hunter and joined forces for the hunt. When the capture was made he was double crossed and left in the desert to die.
Cal was not one to give up and when he made his way out he found his ex-partner and got his share of the money along with a little justice. The trail for Greer was a cold one until he stumbled on a piece of information that gave him new hope.
On his way to the area he witnessed two men shoot down a man and woman beside their wagon and managed to shoot one of them. He didn’t realize it but this was a turning point in his life. The man was riding one of his stolen horses.
The woman lived long enough to get a promise from him to take her baby to her sister’s house.
He fulfilled the promise and delivered the baby but found that the woman was in danger of having her ranch taken from her. She was expecting help from her brother and sister in law but they were buried back on the prairie.
Now, as well as her ranch problems, she had a baby to contend with but that was no concern of Cal’s. He was ready to ride off, until the bullies showed up to force her to sell and he took a hand on her side.
The ranch needed a lot of work as she had no hands left and he advised her to sell, take the baby and move on…but he did not know Rachel Burns. He tried to leave, but his conscience would not let him. She turned his life around until the day he had concrete evidence where Lucas Greer was.

Romans et littérature
27 août
Robert O' Hanlin

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