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How could I love a man who bought me for his own sexual purposes?
Hi my name is Aaliyah Steele but you can call me Liyah that's what my friends call me, I'm Twenty-four years old with over-due college fees and an eviction notice.
My bestfriend Ava works part-time at a bar which holds a monthly auction which allows billionaire's to come and choose a sex slave with money problems similar to mine.
Long story short: I sold myself to the devil.
And I was falling in love with him.
But we're to broken souls with dark secrets.
And his dark secrets will cost me my life.

My name s Drake Braxton and I paid 2 million dollars for a woman named Aaliyah Steele.
The first time I saw her I knew she was going to be a challenge but I'm tired of women trowing themselves at me, they make it too easy and I needed a challenge so I bought her.
She was just suppose to be someone I brought home to my mother so she'll stop worrying about my love life and trying to set me up, and of course so I could have sex with her.
But she's different, she began to unravel me and the more I pushed her away, the more she begun digging and finding out things about what did, how I made my money and that could get her killed.
I know I should just give her the money and let her go so she'll be safe, but she the realist thing I have in my life, the only thing that I don't have to hide so I'll just have to figure something out

Romans et littérature
8 février
J.K Lewis

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