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Two brothers pitted against each other most of their lives found themselves on opposing sides in the war that was splitting the country. The sibling rivalry turned extreme for one of them with a death threat that the vowed to fulfill. There was only one way the rivalry would end, but only one of them was prepared to follow it through to that end.
Matt Walsh was getting on with his life and putting the war behind him but his brother Jake was unable to do the same. While Matt turned to studying the law Jake turned to the wrong side of the law. His brutality shocked even his own men but their greed overcame their disgust of the violence.
Running with a price on his head and being tracked by the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the army only excited him more and expanded his thirst for violence. When they started closing in on him he had one more chore to do and that was to fulfill a promise to his brother. He could not allow anything to distract him and would stop at nothing to get it done.
Matt knew if Jake lived long enough he would show up and he thought he was prepared for that time, but he was not prepared for the way it happened. He was being forced to give his own life up for the life of woman he loved and to him there could be only one choice.

Romans et littérature
21 juillet
Robert O' Hanlin

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