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Is your mouth watering when you look at a colorful Buddha Bowl? Do you want to eat a healthy diet or put a healthy meal on the table for your loved ones? Do you like a varied diet and a good mixture of exotic food and familiar dishes? Then, you will have a lot of fun with this bowl cookbook.

Which bowls can you find in this book?

✓ Breakfast bowls (for example with home-made granola and tasty fruits)
✓ Salad bowls (from Asian salads to colorful tomato salads with cream cheese)
✓ vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free main courses, but also meat and fish bowls
✓ delicious dessert bowls which are easy to prepare and look great
✓ healthy Smoothie Bowls to reach your dream bikini figure

Why should you buy this Bowl Cookbook?

✓ the preparation of most bowls is quick and easy. Therefore, there are no excuses not to eat healthily
✓ you will enjoy both preparing and eating the bowls
✓ instead of paying a lot of money for these trendy meals in a restaurant, you can do it cheaper and easier at home and use exactly the ingredients that you like
✓ if you buy the print book you will receive the ebook for free

How did the author have the idea to write a Buddha Bowl cookbook?

My love for soul food and above all the colorful Buddha or smoothie bowls began a few years ago in Bali. There they were long ahead of this trend. After all, this healthy food also fits in perfectly with that tropical diet.

So, I came out of the water after my surf session on Padang Padang beach and although it was only 10am, the sun was already burning down hotly. I only had a small banana for breakfast before my surf session and therefore I was not looking forward to still have to climb the steps through the rocks to get back up to the street with the restaurants. My legs would not carry me far anymore. So, I decided not to go up the hill to have a second breakfast at my usual hut, but to try a newer eatery nearby. One restaurant looked very hip and inviting, but of course would be more expensive. A look at the menu confirmed that assumption, but my eyes instantly fell in love with the photos of the food, which sparkled in all the colors of the rainbow. The decision what to eat was difficult, everything sounded so delicious! Finally, I had agreed on a Red Bowl with many berries. If it was really good, I could come back and try the rest of the menu another time.

Let me tell you, the Bowl was heavenly! A pleasing taste explosion in my mouth. Immediately, my sore body felt invigorated and I knew that this would not be my last bowl. During my three-week vacation, I barely managed to try everything on the menu, but I took notes of most of the recipes, so I could take this part of Bali home. There I got used to the routine that I reward myself with a delicious bowl every day on which I do yoga (three times a week). Still, this little bowl manages to transport me to dreamy, distant places. Over the years, some of my own recipe variation have accumulated, which I have now summarized in this book. Have fun trying and enjoying!

E-book Categories of Buddha Bowl Recipes:

- Buddha BowlBowl recipes
- Bowl cookbook
- Bowl cook book
- Slimming smoothies
- Smoothie bowls
- Healthy eating
- Cook healthy

And now buy 'BUDDHA BOWL RECIPES' and the fun begins!

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