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Calculating Catastrophe has been written to explain, to a general readership, the underlying philosophical ideas and scientific principles that govern catastrophic events, both natural and man-made. Knowledge of the broad range of catastrophes deepens understanding of individual modes of disaster. This book will be of interest to anyone aspiring to understand catastrophes better, but will be of particular value to those engaged in public and corporate policy, and the financial markets.

The author, Dr. Gordon Woo, was trained in mathematical physics at Cambridge, MIT and Harvard, and has made his career as a calculator of catastrophes. His diverse experience includes consulting for IAEA on the seismic safety of nuclear plants and for BP on offshore oil well drilling. As a catastrophist at Risk Management Solutions, he has advanced the insurance modelling of catastrophes, including designing a model for terrorism risk.

Contents:Natural Hazards:Causation and AssociationExtra-Terrestrial HazardsMeteorological HazardsGeological HazardsGeomorphic HazardsHydrological HazardsSocietal Hazards:Political ViolenceInfectious Disease PandemicsIndustrial and Transportation AccidentsFraud CatastropheA Sense of Scale:Size Scales of Natural HazardsHazard Spatial ScalesThe Human Disaster TollModels of a Fractal WorldA Measure of Uncertainty:The Concept of ProbabilityThe Meaning of UncertaintyAleatory and Epistemic UncertaintyProbability AmbiguityThe Weighing of EvidenceA Matter of Time:Temporal Models of HazardsLong-Term Data RecordsStatistics of ExtremesCatastrophe Complexity:Emergent CatastrophesFinancial CrashesAncillary HazardsTerrorism:A Thinking Man's GameDefeating Terrorist NetworksCounter-RadicalizationForecasting:Earthquake ForecastingVerificationRiver Flows and Sea WavesAccelerating Approach to CriticalityEvidence-Based DiagnosisDisaster Warning:Decision in the BalanceEvacuationThe Wisdom of ExpertsDisaster Scenarios:Scenario SimulationFootprints and VulnerabilityFermi ProblemsCatastrophe Cover:Probable Maximum LossCoherent Risk MeasuresThe Samaritan's DilemmaCatastrophe Risk Securitization:Catastrophe BondsThe Price of InnovationRisk Horizons:Ecological CatastropheClimate ChangeWar and Conflict Resolution
Readership: Applied mathematicians, earth and atmospheric scientists, civil engineers, geographers, economists and general public.

Science et nature
20 juin
Imperial College Press

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