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This book describes the latest advancements in molecular and cellular engineering approaches in addition to nanotechnology for cancer therapeutics and imaging. It also provides an excellent background and state-of-the-art developments in the fields of drug and gene delivery, engineering nanoparticles for therapy and diagnostics, and cancer imaging techniques.

The contents of this book include chapters on cutting-edge science in molecular and cellular engineering and nanotechnology as applied to therapeutics and imaging in cancer diseases. The chapters also provide a comprehensive overview on gene therapy and delivery methods for cancer treatment, oral drug delivery and barriers, cancer imaging for diagnostics and therapy, and the latest developments in these fields.
Contents: Optically Modulated Theranostic Nanoparticles (Niksa Valim & Amit Joshi)Gene Therapy Treatments for Cancer (Jacob Elmer)Nanocarrier based Pulmonary Gene Delivery for Lung Cancer: Therapeutic and Imaging Approaches (Nishant S Gandhi, Micah Glasgow & Mahavir B Chougule)Quantitative Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging in Cancer Therapy (Shashank R Sirsi & Mark A Borden)Multifunctional Dendritic Nanoparticles as a Nanomedicine Platform (Hao-jui Hsu, Ryan M Pearson & Seungpyo Hong)Oral Drug Delivery Systems for Gastrointestinal Cancer Therapy (Yue-Wern Huang & Sutapa Barua)Cancer Therapeutics with Light: Role of Nanoscale and Tissue Engineering in Photodynamic Therapy (Joyce Liu, Huang-Chiao Huang, Emma Briars, Girgis Obaid, Imran Rizvi & Tayyaba Hasan)Targeted Contrast Agents for 1H MRI of Tumor Microenvironment (Shubhangi Agarwal & Vikram D Kodibagkar)Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers as Anti-Cancer Delivery Systems for Therapy and Diagnostics (Samuel V Mussi & Vladimir P Torchilin)
Readership: Students and researchers in nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, cancer research, bioengineering and medical imaging.
Keywords:Nanobiotechnology;Nanomedicine;Nanoparticles;Cancer Research;Cancer Therapy;Gene Therapy;Bioengineering;Medical ImagingReview:Key Features:Novel aspects in cancer therapeutic delivery, comprehensive molecular and cellular aspects of cancer delivery and imaging, latest advanced in nanotechnology for cancer

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