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Hello, We would like to introduce you to Carmagazine, The worlds First Ever, & Only “Truly Digital” Automotive Magazine. Technologically & Beautifully Designed In California To Give You The Best Reading Experience, One you truly can’t find anywhere else on earth. We Welcome You To The Future Of The Automotive Magazine.

What Is In This Issue . 

This Is “The March Madness Issue”, Issue NO.17 Of Carmagazine. An Amazing collaboration of our best efforts and what we have to offer. It’s the passion for naturally beautiful Design, Excite-fully relaxing Content, seamlessly enhancing Technology, All working hand in hand to deliver the best magazine experience ever. The March Madness Issue of Carmagazine Takes a look at the most exciting and fun aspects and vehicles within the automotive industry, pieced together through exclusive evoking articles, Reviews, news, cars, & concepts alike.

The March Madness Issue, Includes All Exclusive stories headlining:

“The McLaren 720s”,

”An In Depth look at the Lexus LC”,

”The BMW M3 Sedan & M4 Coupe ”, 

“The New Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept” 

Along with our Articles Such as:

“Cadillac’s Plan to Reveal 8 All New Vehicles & What They Are”

“The Return of The Alpine & The A110”

Whilst Featuring Vehicles like:

“The Techrules Ren” 

“The Aston Martin Rapide AMR & Vantage AMR PRO ”

“The Jaguar I-Pace”

& A Whole Lot More Inside.

Our Team has put in countless hours into the making of The March Madness Issue from bottom to top, Pixel to Pixel, Page to Page. We have a true passion for what we do, In our in-house exclusive content, beautiful design, & futuristic technology. We’ve been able to comprise that passion into a perfect 106 pages of Pure Automotive Enjoyment. It’s Not Only The Best Issue Of Carmagazine We Have Ever Made,.. It’s The Best Issue Of Any Magazine You’ll Ever Experience.

About Our Magazine .

Carmagazine, Created in Southern California. The first “Limitless” & “Truly Digital” Automotive magazine. We pride ourselves not to put limits on what we can do and what is possible. There’s Nothing like Carmagazine out there, with design inspired by the beauty and simplicity of flowing nature, Content that is relax fully and excitingly exclusive, & Technology which holds the power to be limitless, power that is continuously Innovating. Every issue is quality checked & personally inspected by our team. All in all it combines for an experience that you can not get anywhere else.

Technology . Doing Things The Printed Page Never Could .

One of the many factors that makes Carmagazine Special is what you can do with it. Inside you’ll find that Images animate to give a evoke a sense of life and relaxation, Words define, remember, and dictate, With a simple tap you can schedule to test drive, or share your thoughts & opinions through interactive commenting, and bring about things you didn’t know existed. When we created Carmagazine we didn’t want to put limits on what the magazine could do. There’s truly a lot you can do when you believe nothing is impossible.

Design . Thoughtfully Perfected Pixel To Pixel .

When we designed Carmagazine we want every word, page, image, to be absolutely perfect. We think of every detail, from fonts and colors to content and alignment. Everything is perfectly aligned to give you a sense of peaceful order. Our content is always of the highest quality so no matter the device so our objects, text, & photographs look crisper than anything printed. We don't release and issue of Carmagazine if it isn't perfected for pure enjoyment. It takes time to perfect the things you love. Designing Carmagazine is a passion of ours. Every time you download an issue, that Perfected passion is passed on to you.

Carmagazine & Content . Expertly Crafted & Ingeniously Made .

Every aspect of Carmagazine is created to be near to perfection. For example the technology in an issue of Carmagazine is strategically placed to give you a fun experience, The Design of each issue is made to give one an open and alive feeling thats also relaxing. Our content is created to give you an effortless depth into all the information you could want without it ever becoming boring. When one is passionate about creating what they love it can become a masterpiece, Carmagazine is that masterpiece.

This Issue Was Made & Dedicated In Our Loving Memory Of Janice.J Hill.

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31 mars

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