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Cassandra Seavers is young, beautiful, and a Super Model; enjoying life with her lesbian lover.  Then one night she meets Damien Nightshade, a Master Vampire.

Suddenly, Cassandra's life turns from one of privilege to one of erotic enslavement, as she becomes one of Damien's initiates.  Then she is seduced by another initiate, who teaches her all about her submissive side.

Join Cassandra as she seduces and enthralls one lovely mortal girl after another... and just when she didn't think her life could get any more arousing, she meets a beautiful witch who just happens to be very powerful and can cast her own spells.

This tale is more an erotic mind control story than a vampire tale.  It can also be read as a standalone, but it is best served in two parts, the second of which will fall under the title, The Vampire Witch.  It is Male Dominant with male/female sex... plus has a very strong female/female theme... and of course bleeds mind control eroticism.

An excerpt:

Cassandra awoke feeling incredibly different...and then smiled when she realized she was a vampire. Her senses felt acute and alive, along with every pleasure center. Cassandra reached out to Damien with her mind and immediately felt comforted in the fact that he would join her soon. It really was the strangest feeling to have instant knowledge and understanding.

Then with a simple push of her mind, Cassandra touched each of the staff and given they were already enthralled, she could manipulate them in ways that aroused her. Then she reached out to Belinda and immediately recognized the difference in their status. Belinda may have been an initiate and afforded special privileges the staff didn't have, but she was still well below a vampire, and therefore subject to her.

Cassandra summoned Belinda with her mind and had her kneel down before her. Then she filled her with a desire to be docile and subservient towards her, taking extra pleasure in knowing that Belinda seethed underneath the surface.

"Who's the submissive little sex slave now?" Cassandra asked her.

"I am, Mistress," Belinda replied, blushing.

Romans et littérature
30 décembre
JR Parz

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