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David Collins's relationship with his wife has never been better - both in and out of bed!  He's been happily watching from a distance as Sandra cheats on him with a hung young stud, but that's not enough for him any more!  He hides himself in a closet during his wife's next round of illicit sex...but how much further can he push his luck before he's caught in the act?

Warning: This steamy 3,700 word tale contains a cheating wife, a spying husband, a well-endowed bull, masturbation, oral sex, penetration, and a closet.


There was nothing unusual, surely, about the way that the house was reverberating to the sounds of two consenting (and vocal) adults having some highly energetic and mutually satisfying sex.  It was absolutely in the normal order of things that, in the early afternoon of this long, lazy Sunday, two people should choose to pass some time together in their jointly purchased bed by rehearsing their horizontal tango.

And yet, this was a rather unusual event by the standard of recent weeks.  Sandra Collins was in the bed, yes; encouraging her partner with her usual gusto.  Nothing so unusual about that.  But today she had permitted her husband David to join her, and in this particular marriage, that certainly counted as a rather unusual event.

Not that David had wasted too much time mulling over the implications of his wife’s decision.  He was only too happy to perform his husbandly duty, to stare openly at his wife’s tightly toned body, to kiss and hold her, to turn her on by reaching up to her hardened nipples and pinching them with loving care.

And it wasn’t as though he didn’t enjoy being the subject of his wife’s mandatory monologue, either.  “Come on, David!” she exhorted him, tossing her hair out of her eyes.  “You’re making me so wet!"

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14 mai
Sapphire Rush

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