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Finding lost treasures can sometimes be risky…

It was bad enough being turned into a girl by some kind of ancient magic artifact, but even worse, needing to get help to dress the part. Joanna knew us from the local university and managed to help get me some clothes. It was a tough adjustment just putting on a skirt, but it had to be done.

That was just the beginning of my troubles. Raul had stolen the idol that had caused my transformation, and he was going to have a party. That presented us with an opportunity and a danger. Neither Joanna, nor Brian could go, since everyone knew them, but my new face and body were a different matter. No one would know it was me, but we still needed a way in.

Brian found it. All I had to do was pretend to be an escort. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off; showing off my hot body to a room full of gawking criminals was a disturbing notion. Somehow, I managed to muddle my way through, and was almost ready to escape when I bumped into Raul again. He offered to show me his special collection, and I used my newfound feminine whiles to discover where the idol was. That wasn’t all I found. I never realized the passion that I could find in Raul’s arms, and my amateur attempt at feminine seduction landed me firmly in his bed. All the remained was to discover just how amazing a lover he could be.

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1 février

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