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I'm Adele, a human new to Chicago. Tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, I desperately need a job with Knight Industries, owned by rich vampire and city master Damien Knight. So when a not-quite-aboveboard invite for a party at Knight’s place comes from my best friend, I jump on it.

At the party, a dark, mysterious vampire catches me in a fib, making my stomach flip. He’s about to throw me out, but with nothing to lose I steel my nerves and ask him for a tour of Knight’s business first. To my utter shock, he agrees and takes me away from the noise of the party. On the plus side, I'll get to see KI and maybe learn enough to get my coveted job. On the minus, I'm all alone with a dangerous predator, and he’s looking intently at my neck…

And when I find out who my tour guide really is, it leads to a whole lot more than I bargained for…

Special note to Biting Love fans--This isn't the Biting Love Universe. This is a short, first-meet in a post-Unmasking universe. While there's sensual tension, it's meant for general audiences. There are vampires and snark, though.

Note: These short stories are first-meets in a compact, quick read. A full story ending on a happily-for-now, but with plenty of room for future stories. You'll want more--but don't worry! The end contains a link where readers can vote on which couple should get another episode!

Vignette: a short, delicately memorable scene.
Vampire Vignettes. Short. Scintillating. First, exciting meets between an apex master vampire and the human woman who lights his life for the first time in centuries. Each story features a vampire master of the city and the woman who charms (or fights or snarks) her way into his life.

18 juillet
7th Octave Publishing

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