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Phaidon, the world’s premiere publisher of books on the visual arts, is moving into digital publishing with modern artist monographs from the Phaidon Focus series available exclusively on the iBooks Store.

The Phaidon Focus series offers accessible, authoritative, and thought-provoking introductions to modern masters of the art world. Cleanly presented and easy to navigate, the new Phaidon Focus multi-touch books allow readers to seamlessly move between a chronology of the artist’s career and ten essays illuminating particular works, styles, and themes. Added functionality comes in the form of image zooming, rotating galleries, and a useful interactive glossary.

DISCOVER: A chronology introduces the artist’s work and provides context, while an interactive glossary offers additional clarity

EXPLORE: Navigate among essays for an in-depth look at themes, styles and work periods

GET UP CLOSE: Enlarge artworks and photographs for a stunning detailed view

BROWSE: View interactive image galleries

About the book:

Cindy Sherman (b. 1954) is her own subject matter. One of the most celebrated female artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries she has, for a period spanning more than thirty years, used make-up, prosthetics and props to present herself in the guise of numerous different personae, placed in contexts that draw on the visual conventions of film, television and the media. Such settings and characters invite the viewer to consider the relation of appearance and identity and also the way in which female stereotypes have been perpetuated not only by the media but also by the art world itself.

Arts et spectacles
27 mars
Phaidon Press Limited

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