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Basketball, Football, and Baseball are all the popular sports that attract most people, particularly from a minority community in an urban area. This book attempts to raise awareness to everyone both inside and outside an urban area as to the unique serenity that paddling offers. The books requires you to consider paddling in your own neighborhood, as you might have a great place to paddle within 30 minutes or your home and not even know it.  It details the love of the water in the life of Michael Taylor from childhood that carried into his adult life. It reveals the paddling community in the Chicago area and reviews the purpose and goals of these organizations. Lastly as a Christian the author reflects on the appreciation of nature and the blessings that God provides to all humanity that he sees when he is out on the water.The book is informational, it is funny, and it is spiritual.  It is meant to inspire the reader to pick up the sport of paddling and become an advocate for the waterway systems in their community. 

Author Bio: Michael Taylor is a middle aged man who grew up in the inner city that has always loved the water.  This book reflects his passion of the sport as he attempts to spread the word of the benefits of paddling.  The question always asked of him was "how did you get started paddling?"  Although there are people of all races who enjoy this sport, not many have taken it to the level of making paddling a way of life. 

Keywords: Paddling, Canoe, Kayak, Outdoors, Camping, Watersports, Fishing, SUP, Kayaking, Water Trails 

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7 avril
First Edition Design Publishing

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