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Inspired by the names of cocktails, twenty-five award-winning short stories from the Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Awards, will delight you in this sensual, sexy and entertaining anthology by Australian and international short story writers.

"All she could see was darkness. A thick length of fabric had stolen her sight. Without her vision, her heart fluttered. Every single sensation was so much more acute. The battering of the rain outside was riotous. Her inner temperature had risen several degrees and she could feel it radiating out from her trembling body. Every last shred of clothing had been stripped from her, right down to her socks. Her skin prickled as the air caressed every inch of her skin. With the blindfold on, it was impossible not to focus on the sensations that remained."
— from 'Kiss in the Dark' by Adam Ipsen

"Me and Kev were still a bit shy with each other. I wasn’t a virgin when we met, but he was. I didn’t have that much experience, just the usual back seat groping and fumbling in an ‘S’ Series Valiant at the drive in. To be honest, my first boyfriend never even took my knickers off, just pulled them to one side and in he went. Thirty seconds and it was all over."
— from 'Screaming Orgasm' by Maria Bonar

"Kath stared at the baseball cap nestled amongst the books on the shelf. It was a reminder of what went before. A reminder of Andy. Long blonde hair, olive skin that was as smooth and ripe as any delicious young boy she’d met. His smell of sandalwood and cypress pine hung in the air. How long had it been, an hour, twenty minutes? Kath had lost track of time, the only time she remembered was with Andy. Inside her, pushing her knees toward her chest raising her to meet him, naturally finding the G spot the women’s mags talked about. It did exist after all. At least it did, with Andy."
— from 'Red Lotus' by Samira Wyld

Romans et littérature
14 décembre
David Vernon

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