Comp Biog 1020

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Rather than tell you about the book I shall let the book tell you about itself. That is what Comp Biog would want anyway.
“The government was about to make a devious move to try and take control. They would explode a unit and then call for the examination of all units for safety problems. It would be difficult to pull off. The grounds and all of the doors to the units were wired. The most difficult part of the assault would be not being seen or detected by the security cameras and other sensors scattered around the units. If they were detected, followed by the government calling for the safety examinations, those examinations could be derailed with a simple statement.”
All of this and much more from a little box sitting on table. The accounting of the beginning of an epic struggle between the government and the Association.
“Unfortunately for the intruders, they were too quick. All of them were in the unit and the door was shut by the time the system was activated. In an instant, things went from calm and quiet, too huge sirens screaming and panic everywhere. The door had locked again. A bright white light started shining from the ceiling of the main unit.”
Soon the first Comp Biogs appeared. The name was derived from Computer Biographer. They were crude at first, with little artificial intelligence or personality. They quickly changed. Naturally, to satisfy popular demand, games were one of the first things added to upgrade them.
The truth was that the world was not ready for Bob's earth-breaking discovery. Bob had broke one of his own tenants. The one that said the world had to be ready for a new idea before it could be invented. The power of unlimited energy was the one thing the world was not ready for.
For Jack Pointer it was plans within plans, within more plans. He was always being taken for a ride and never knew everything.
Bob raised his hand and said, “Please excuse Jack. It is my fault. I have not had time to tell him everything about the, ah, vehicles. Jack I mentioned before that the technology has other uses and that one of those uses is propulsion. We have made vehicles that can travel from anywhere to anywhere. We are just now conducting experiments to see if we can not only travel within the solar system but to other solar systems. That is why we are making a safe corridor out of this solar system, to test the ultimate speed of the ships. We have done all this in complete secrecy and we need to keep it that way. I'll fill you in on more later.” Jack thought to himself, “Same old story.”
On the other hand there was Niomi. Niomi the sexy woman who smiled and said to Jack, “Some uptight people, such as your self call it bait. Others call it putting on your best face. After all, the beautiful people get what they want. The ugly get nothing and the average looking have to fight for what ever they want.” She usually got what she wanted.
And About Comp Biog: Everyone wants a wise friend that he or she can tell everything to and know beyond a doubt that their private secret conversations will be held a secret. Some one or thing with a personality, a therapist not just a tape recorder. But what if your friend was there every day to record every precious minute. You could not only recall old stories but relive them as they happened. Comp Biog can help.
So what do we humans do when our machines do come to consciousness? Would you know it? Would you recognize it? Would you fear it? Would you need to fear it? All questions will be answered

SF et fantasy
11 juillet
William Taylor

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