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A Chain of Evidence (1907)

The Luminous Face (1921)

 In the Onyx Lobby (1920)

Patty Fairfield Series

Patty Fairfield (1901)

Patty at Home (1904)

Patty's Summer Days (1909)

Patty in Paris (1907)

Patty's Friends (1908)

Patty's Success (1910)

Patty's Butterfly Days (1912)

Patty's Social Season (1913)

Patty's Suitors (1914)

Patty Blossom (1917)

Patty and Azalea (1919)

Two Little Women (1915)

Two Little Women on a Holiday (1917)

Fleming Stone Dtective Series

The Gold Bag (1911)

Vicky Van (1918)

Raspberry Jam (1920)

The Mystery of the Sycamore (1920)

The Re-echo Club (1913)

The Diamond Pin (1919)

Marjorie Series

Marjorie's Vacation (1907)

Marjorie's Busy Days (1906)

Marjorie's New Friend (1909)

Marjorie's Maytime (1911)

Marjorie at Seacote (1912)

The Dorrance Domain (1905)

Ptomaine Street  (1921)

Pennington Wise Series

The Come Back (1921)

The Technique of the Mystery Story (1913)

The Jingle Book (1899)

Two Little Women (1915)- 

Miss Carolyn Wells, past mistress in the art of writing bright and entertaining stories for girls, here introduces two little women--Dorinda Fayre and Dorothy Rose. The first is sweet, serious, timid and a little slow; the other, quick, elf-like, high tempered, full of mischief, and always getting into scrapes. The story of these two girls, their friendships and frolics, and their influence on each other, during one long and happy summer, makes a very delightful book. 

The Gold Bag (1911)- 

The story is told in the first person by a modest young sleuth who is sent to a suburban place to ferret out the mystery which shrouds the murder of a prominent man. Circumstantial evidence in the shape of a gold mesh bag points to a woman as the criminal, and the only possible one is the dead man's niece with whom the detective promptly falls in love, though she is already engaged to her uncle's secretary, and alliance which the dead man insisted must be discontinued, otherwise he would disinherit the girl. 

Vicky Van (1918)- 

There is humor and love, thrills and a real mystery in this new Fleming Stone detective story, in which not the least interesting factor is the curious double personality of one character. You are baffled and always amused by the brilliance of the yarn. (The basis of the 1919 film ''The Woman Next Door'' starring Ethel Clayton and Noah Beery.) 

Raspberry Jam (1920)- 

Sanford Embury refused his wife an allowance. He is found dead in bed. Was his wife a party to the murder? The clue that discovers the criminal is one of the strangest in police annals. Rasberry Jam will hold you spellbound until the surprising finale. 

The Mystery of the Sycamore (1920)- 

A cry of "Fire," a murder, and the voluntary confession of three people to the crime. Such is the crux of Miss Wells' latest and most gripping story of love and mystery. Again the "old reliable" Fleming Stone is called in to clear things up and will delight the reader by doing so in his usual unusual way. 

Marjorie's Vacation (1907)- 

Marjorie is a happy little American girl of twelve, up to mischief, but full of goodness and sincerity. The incidents of her summer vacation are such as will delight any little girl. 

Ptomaine Street (1921)- 

A rollicking parody on "Main Street," an uproarious bit of fun and foolery, good for that "tired feeling" after reading sex and problem "stuff." 

The Come Back (1921)- 

Carolyn Wells makes excellent use of spiritism and the ouija board in creating an atmosphere of tense mystery, yet she does not allow her story to leave, even for a moment, the realm of things explicable by the most mortal of us. "A mystery story with a trap in it for the unwary, with suspense and excitement in plenty, and a satisfying dénouement." 

The Technique of the Mystery Story (1913)- 

A complete practical guide for detective and mystery story writers of today. How to arrange, invent, plot out, develop and narrate ingenious, convincing, and baffling stories of crime.

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