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Throughout your entire life, you can see that you do plenty of mistakes, and not always you'll be able to discern the cause to why you do such mistakes. And yet, in every life struggle, you know that only one path can lead you out of your problems. And that's the path that leads you forward, and into the unknown. To know which path to choose or where it hides, is a trick only disguised by the illusions of the physical universe. That unknown, that we all fear so much, and tend to name chaos and confusion, is actually the only way out and towards our inner happiness.

The reason why so many people can't be happy in their life and successful in achieving their goals isn't as as much related with the consequences of their actions or the circumstances in which they live, as it is related to their potential to handle such situations and reorganize them under their own and independent will. In other words, our capacity to raise self-determinism, is what determines our fate the most.

This said, the purpose of this book is to uplift you as a human being, and into the realm of integrative spirituality, allowing you to discover your wholeness, and from within which you can more properly envision all the skills that you can use to your advantage, to prosper in joy as in wealth. This is a book in which I personally base myself too, to reach my own goals in life. And if I was meant to be born again on Earth, this would be one of the first books I would wish to read to prepare myself for my existence as a human soul.

Santé et bien-être
September 18
22 Lions Bookstore

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